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I feel like I am starting to be aware of diferent aspects of the project that needs to be done certain way in order to lead the project to a successfull ending. At the begining a was planing to also produce my own canopy and carbon aluminium landing gear! Well, maybe some day. As for […]


Put your GORILLA gear on

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While looking for a better landing gear solution for my project, an idea of trying the “famous” GORILLA gear of a much more fameous mini Protos helicopter came to my head.  After a day or two a friend presented me a set of GORILLA landing gear in a color of black which he disliked. I […]


How I make threads?

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If anyone should say “manual tapping holes in aluminium is simple”  I would encourage him to try making a few and then review the results and check for accuracy and quality of  his work. Yes, I’ve tried it, learned a lesson and now  I am using a simple helper rig to complete such job. Let […]


Third bearing block

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Today’s job involved  preparing  third bearing block for manufacturing and actually milling it. The part is very similiar in concept to the original GAUI X3 bearing block, except for it is a bit narrower to fit between MX3 frame plates.


Cut the frame

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The design still hasn’t been completed and there are lots of little improvements to implement, however I’ve decided to start assembling alpha prototype. For the prototyping material  I’ve chosen to use FR4 glass  laminate, which is the material most of You are familiar  with, as this kind of laminate is widely used as the base […]